Concrete suggests architecture and nature, the figurative, and the abstract. It ebbs, it flows, it melds, it fluctuates, until it does not. Sometimes the molds I create are fluid, sometimes solid; but they always remain a significant influence to the concrete that is delivered inside.  The mold becomes the boundary which reigns in the otherwise arbitrary material. It is within the confines of the still-impressionable mold that the concrete performs. Every cubic centimeter of concrete adds weight to the mold, so I cannot tolerate casualness, yet must tolerate willfulness from the concrete.  I must consider all possibilities from every angle, instructing the concrete to remain just so until it cures, yet allowing for the possibility that, in the end, it has a powerful will of its own.

  U.C.S.C. Professors Reyner Banham and Fred Hunnicutt instilled in me a respect for the history and importance of this medium.  Their tutelage inspired me to design the technique and method with which I instruct the concrete. My aesthetic and inspiration come directly from the peculiar qualities inherent in concrete as a medium.

  Using my preferred technique, I try to encourage liberated concrete to portray a porous rawness, as a metaphor for the crudeness and coarseness reflected in the gruffness of urban life, buildings, and nature. I aspire to bridge asperity and form, in hopes that the resulting piece retains a subconscious reference to design and architecture, but also to the human form and nature.