My sculptures enable me to interpret my perception of the influence of humanity on the environment, and disparities regarding wealth in society. I work with a variety of materials such as wood, aluminum, and steel; but mainly I use concrete. 

    Concrete can suggest architecture, nature, the figurative, and the abstract. Concrete displays a variety of characteristics in its various states. It is liquid, then solid. It is weak, then strong. It ebbs, it flows, it melds, it fluctuates, until it does not. The molds I create to contain the concrete, may be pliable or solid; but they always influence the concrete that inhabits them. I derive inspiration directly from the peculiar qualities inherent in each concrete pour. After the concrete has cured, and I have removed the mold, the liberated concrete portrays a porous rawness one might find in nature. I perceive this as a metaphor for the raw crudeness and gruff coarseness of the footprint humankind stomps on society. I strive to bridge asperity and form, and to encourage the resulting piece to retain a subliminal reference to design or architecture, but also to the human form, and nature.



          B.A., University of California Santa Cruz

          Post Baccalaureate Visual Arts, U.C. Berkeley Extension, honors

          M.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute, outstanding student





  • Right Here, Right Now, Richmond Art Center Biennial, Richmond, 2022
  • If A Tree Falls: Art of the Boundary Oak, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, 2021-2022
  • MFA Revisited, Root Division, San Francisco, 2021
  • Vernissage, SFAI, 2020
  • Recovecos III Fort Mason Center, 2019
  • Going Back to an Old Inquiry: Language and Art, Schafer Gallery, 2019
  • Mutually Assured, Schafer Gallery, San Francisco, 2019
  • Recovecos II, Fort Mason Center, 2019
  • Recovecos, Fort Mason Center, 2019
  • Root Division, MFA Now, artist talk and catalogue, 2019
  • Group Show, Alive in Strange Lands, Diego Rivera Gallery, 2018
  • Group Show, Reflections, Swell Gallery, SFAI, 2018
  • Group Show, Shadows, Swell Gallery, SFAI, 2018
  • Group Show, Frida’s Moustache,Diego Rivera Gallery SFAI, 2017
  • Group Show, Drawn to Line, UCBX Gallery, (San Francisco) 2016
  • Group Show, (3×3), UCBX Gallery, (San Francisco) 2015
  • Group Show, Dis/Order Juried Annual Pro Arts, (Oakland)2013
  • Group Show, Crowne Plaza Hotel,2012
  • Group Show, Signs of Our Times, Gallery 651, 2012
  • Group Show, Crowne Plaza Hotel (Concorde) 2011
  • Group Show, Gallery 651 (Martinez) 2011
  • Group Show, Richmond Art Center (Richmond) 2011
  • Group Show, The Budget Gallery (San Francisco) 2004
  • Group Show, Anti Gallery (San Francisco) 2003-2009
  • Miscellaneous non-compliant, cast concrete installations in  California, New York,  New Jersey, Houston,       Portland, Seattle, D.C., Paris, and Berlin + 2001- present