BENJO17 mfg is a company  created to bid on major public works projects.  Benjo almost always gets the contract, because BENJO always presents the lowest bid. BENJO’s ability to cut corners is nonpareil.

  • BENJO derives benefits from natural resources for marketability.
  • BENJO appropriates icons from many cultures and brings them to market.
  • BENJO’s exploits benefit from downturns AND upticks in the economy
  • BENJO repairs what Mother Nature broke.

Anchor Mend is a company created to winnow the defective qualities of disappointing fabrication.  Anchor Mend’s mission statement: economics, not necessarily choice or taste, must dictate the aesthetic.

  • Anchor Mend shores up BENJO’s catastrophic failures in a way that is cost-effective and decorative.
    • For example: if the budget does not allow for landscaping, Anchor Mend will utilize some of BENJO’s alluring petroleum-based substitutes to adorn the mending.
    • If the budget does not allow for resurfacing, Anchor Mend supplies elegant color choices to enhance the extant surface



In this work,  inspiration is taken from the substandard workmanship in our society. Using it as a metaphor to contemplate the notion and ramifications of a disposable society.  As a general contractor in the City, I am often called in to repair projects botched by the company with the lowest bid.  Invariably, had a higher bid been accepted, with its accompanying expertise, the client would have saved countless economic, human, and natural resources.  Economies are both increased and reduced. I use this disposable society model to explore the ways in which our heritage, environment, economy, and the cultures of our planet are exploited in the modern era.

WTF ,  2016


W, plywood, stain, clear wood finish, 2016


T, plywood, latex, enamel, 2016


F,  plywood, enamel, 2016

WTF, plywood, enamel, latex, 2016


W, plywood, enamel, latex, 2016


T, plywood, enamel, latex, 2016




JCM, FIN, UCBX, GRAZIE, enamel, latex, plywood, 2016