Mission Statement:

BENJO17 mfg is a company  created to bid on major public works projects.  Benjo almost always gets the contract, because BENJO always presents the lowest bid. BENJO’s ability to cut corners is nonpareil.

  • BENJO derives benefits from natural resources for marketability.
  • BENJO appropriates icons from many cultures and brings them to market.
  • BENJO’s exploits benefit from downturns AND upticks in the economy
  • BENJO repairs what Mother Nature broke.
  • BENJO will adhere to a “Gold Standard” during a “pandemic” response.

Anchor Mend is a company created to winnow the defective qualities of disappointing fabrication.  Anchor Mend’s mission statement: economics, not necessarily choice or taste, must dictate the aesthetic.

  • Anchor Mend shores up BENJO’s catastrophic failures in a way that is cost-effective and decorative.
    • For example: if the budget does not allow for landscaping, Anchor Mend will utilize some of BENJO’s alluring petroleum-based substitutes to adorn the mending.
    • If the budget does not allow for resurfacing, Anchor Mend supplies elegant color choices to enhance the extant surface

BM (BENJO mask) 2020 courtesy DeAnna Gibbons Millinary!




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