LOVE HATE, Eucalyptus, cast concrete, steel, ceramic, 2022, H 7″x W 45″ x D 10″
FOLLY or NOT OUT OF the WOODS YET, Oak, 2021, cast concrete, ceramic, steel, aluminum, astroturf,Manila rope,enamel, casters, H 32″x W 24″x D 27″
BREATH, 2020, cast concrete, Redwood, ceramic, H 9″ X W 17″ X D 7″
UNTITLED, 2011-2021, cast concrete, ceramic, H12″ X W9″ X D11″
Rock Paper Scissor, 2019, cast concrete, douglas fir, steel, H10″ X W17″ X D5″
UNTITLED, cast concrete, douglas fir, H9″ XW16″ X D6″
UNTITLED, cast concrete, poplar, H17 X W8″ X D4″
CONFECTION, 2010-18, cast concrete, poplar, H25″ X W8″ X D8″

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